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smartwatches for kids
This teddy bear runs on application that is supported by both Android and iOS. There is a connection on Teddy's back which enables you to connect your phone device to an audio jack. In order for Teddy to respond to your requirements or questions, you will need to open up the app on your phone and Teddy's built-in microphone will hear you. The interesting part is that it includes robotics that syncs the mouth to its spoken works. The company equipped this smart teddy bear with a micro smartwatches for kids USB port under its tail which can be used to charge your smartphone while using the toy.

Teddy has a learning ability and could easily learn what you like. According to the company's post on Kickstarter, there will be several other features which will be developed in the future. At this moment, they are focusing on Teddy's mouth movements. Both developers expect to expand its robotics range and make him move his head, arms and legs.
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